Global Sunday 12th June (Canterbury)


On Sunday 12 June, we will NOT be meeting in Colchester but taking a road trip to our sending church, The City Church. When I (Hugh) was based at City, it was clear that we were to be a sending church. In my last few years I was responsible for church planting and had the privilege to be at the forefront of helping dear friends move to Helsinki, Finland to pioneer a work there (see, and helping another couple move to Lille, France to church plant there (see

Over the years many others have moved to be part of church plants or have simply got stuck in to young works in Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Uk and many more! God has also increasingly knitted the City church together with Radiant Church in Visalia, California in the US. Travis (who leads Radiant) and his wife Tiffany will be speaking at Global Sunday. I had the privilege of meeting Travis when I travelled the US for a part of my Sabbatical - they are great!

There are various reasons we are going, here are some;

  • To encourage those who have supported our plant in prayer, encouragement and resources
  • To be encouraged as we hear about what God is doing through one church
  • To get a taste of what it means to be a church caught up in global mission
  • To build relationships with a church we hope to partner with for years to come
  • To have fun together on a road trip!

Come and join us!

Lille Church Plant Visit, Dec 2015


In December some of us from Redeemer visited our friends who are church planting in Lille. I (Hugh) have known Roger Eaton for nearly 15 years, most of which we spent together at The City Church ( The City Church in Canterbury South, The City Church in Canterbury North, The City Church in Whitstable). A Decade ago we would gather with some friends in my flat and practice preaching using an ironing board, do papers on various topics and dream and pray about what God might do or where we might end up! So it was a wonderful moment to touch base across countries and enjoy each other's journey. Here are some photos of the weekend.