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SENT REVIEW: Doreen Chengula

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Hi, my name is Doreen and I went to Sent 2019.

Before going to Sent, I knew that something amazing would come out of it but I wasn't too sure what, and that's exactly what happened!

Over the past few months, church planting has been something I've really had a heart for, especially in places where the gospel may not be widely preached or even heard of, and at Sent, my eyes were really opened to God's vision for 'every nation, tribe and tongue', getting the opportunity to find out how to get involved in pioneering, praying for those in countries where the gospel isn’t at all easy to preach and looking at the vision for Relational Mission. So much more took place, beautiful times of sung worship, prophecy and renewed vision of our calling as sons and daughters of The King.

I really really encourage you to attend Sent 2020 as what I got from it was completely different to what my friends got from it, showing that God really does speak to us individually, and getting to meet and spend time with people with a similar hunger for God's kingdom is something that I really loved whilst being there and I know you will too.

See you next year!

SERVING BEYOND: The Parkers visit the Sheppey Gospel Plant



At the core of what Redeemer is about is that we are ALL ‘SENT ONES’ - the reason Jesus has not taken us to glory is that we GO to those who do not yet know him so that they to can one day join him and us in glory! We love to invest in and celebrate what God is doing ‘beyond’ us through our members. Sometimes we GO to do a specific activity, or to serve a particular event - at other times to serve as needed, learn, build friendships and bless in any way we can.

Ben & Mikka Parker

Ben is one of the Elders at Redeemer and works full time at the local University. Mikka is on staff at Redeemer coordinating administration and Student work. Together they lead a Life Group


This was back in March…find out more about the Sheppey Gospel Plant HERE

On a fairly grey Sunday morning in March, Ben & I left Colchester for equally grey Sheerness, specifically the Isle of Sheppey to visit our friends the Spocchias. Matt and Helene moved to Sheppey in July 2018 with their two children Martha, 5 and Edie, 3 to start a church plant following a prophetic word given to Matt, 12 years prior!

It was great to spend time with them in their new home on the island, getting to know the kids and hearing about all that’s happened in the last 9 months. As we ate brunch, they shared about the amazing opportunities God has already provided them with, particularly in the area of work for the Canterbury diocese - they’re both working part-time, together running a Food Bank where they’re encouraged to pray with the people who use the service + Matt’s been going to the same cafe most days to prepare sermons for Sundays and meeting people through that plus a whole host of other ways of integrating within the community.


Their Sunday gathering started at 3pm - it was lovely to be back in a living room situation with the rest of their core team (Josh Glover and James & Becky Cole from Canterbury), a visiting couple from the City Church Canterbury and a guy called Alli who’s local, from the island and has been a Christian for a long time but has been without a church family until now! It was great to sing and worship together, a couple of encouraging prophetic words were shared before Matt opened the word. Having heard Matt preach a couple of times before, it was so good to see him adapt to this new situation, especially in honouring this new congregation where the talk can’t be longer than 20 minutes - he can expect to be interrupted and have questions asked by both the kids and adults.

After he talk it was feeding time at the Zoo - spag bol for all, the footie was on the TV, the girls got us to join in with their games and a bit more time for catching up. And I’ll be honest it was a late one, we almost hit 12 hours with the Spocchs and what a delight that was to see this wonderful gospel plant in action. Please join with us visiting, supporting and praying for them, see the video below to meet them for yourselves.

SERVING BEYOND: Al McDonald - Berkel, Netherlands



At the core of what Redeemer is about is that we are ALL ‘SENT ONES’ - the reason Jesus has not taken us to glory is that we GO to those who do not yet know him so that they to can one day join him and us in glory! We love to invest in and celebrate what God is doing ‘beyond’ us through our members.

Alastair McDonald

Al is one of the Elders at Redeemer and is a full time secondary school teacher. He lives with a great passion to see everyone enjoy the fullness of life Jesus offers - to experience healing in every way and never to ‘settle’ in our pursuit of breakthrough and healing. Here is his recap of his time away

It was with a great sense of adventure that I headed off to Berkel, Netherlands on Friday 5th April 2019 for the ‘Training in the Supernatural’ week-end with Grantley & Floss Watkins. It was a joy to be part of the ‘Ministry Team’ alongside others, there to serve our ‘Relational Mission’ family of churches in this great nation.

The Friday night session consisted of faith building stories of Jesus’ healing power at work in people’s lives.

The Saturday sessions looked at the ‘Apostolic Foundation of Signs & Wonders’ followed by ‘The Baptism with the Holy Spirit’ with a tremendous response from those gathered desiring more of His power to touch their lives. The final session of the day was on ‘Dealing with Disappointment’ which was really helpful in encouraging us to live with the mystery while pressing in for more of God’s power to be released in signs, wonders & miracles. The Saturday evening provided us with an opportunity to have a meal together followed by a fun quiz for all the family.

The final session on Sunday morning was on ‘Becoming a Faith Filled Community’.

Over the week-end I was so encouraged to have words for people to build them up, to bring restoration to situations & to help some encounter the Holy Spirit afresh.

Thanks to my Redeemer Church family for their financial support, their prayers & their encouragement. Thanks to Bas & Carline Visser & family for providing accommodation for me and for being great hosts. Thanks to God for a beautiful opportunity to work together with His people to see more of His kingdom come & His will be done in the Netherlands as it is in heaven. ❤🇳🇱


GOTHENBURG, Sweden - last weekend Hugh traveled to Gothenburg to visit Exoduskyrkan (Relational Mission church). They were hosting Terry Virgo who was doing a day conference on grace. It was also great to catch up with the  Helsinki Church Plant gang who planted out from The City Church  - the same church we came from.

Here are some snaps from the weekend...

On Mission. Together.

On Saturday 11th June, the Pearce family joined leaders of The City Church (Canterbury), Beacon Church (Herne Bay) and Community Church Ramsgate (Ramsgate!) and Radiant Church (Visalia, California!). Travis and Tiffany were over from Radiant and the other churches are those who have a close relational connection to City Church and Tom Shaw (Lead Elder). It was a beautiful time of fellowship and superb teaching by Travis on 'Handling Pain'. Here are some photos;