I was recently asked for a short response to ‘What would your top 3 church planting tips be?’ - the below answer took into account the person asking, our relationship and their setting. Below is what came to mind immediately…what would you say?


1) Be Real

  • People are attracted to authenticity

  • It is exhausting not to be

  • If you are not, you’ll need to keep up the show to keep people

  • People follow someone who is real before someone whom is right (Craig Groeschell)

2) Be Connected

  • apostolic fathering

  • brothers

  • movement/network

3) Be at peace

  • God is Sovereign you’re not

  • Jesus is building his church

  • His yoke is easy

  • His kingdom is increasing

  • He pursues people

  • He has people in your city

  • He called you



1) Prepare / Structure for growth ahead of time

  • leadership

  • website / database

  • serving expectations and excellence

  • But like a Swan...people experience the serene floating on calm waters (the fruit of the structuring), but you are working hard beneath the surface.

2) Prioritise eldership/leadership

  • something is left ‘unfinished’ until that’s in place - Titus (brings security)

3) Pursue Partnership

  • mainly with apostolic/churches in your network for support/sensing



1) Focus on developing culture

  • above quantity, appearance, quick fix

  • tell stories

  • structure calendar for the outworking of mission and community

2) Build deep community but always talk mission

  • Community on mission

  • the two are not mutually exclusive but rather mission is inevitable fruit of authentic gospel community - and community the means of discipleship.

3) Connect your People apostolically

  • invest in getting guest speakers

  • Invest in taking them to conferences, telling stories, road trips

  • Connect them relationally to the ‘bigger picture’ = ownership

4) Work hard, rest deeply, play well

  • Embrace seasons

  • Don’t fear lulls/holidays,

  • Enjoy drinks/meals with leaders in your church and friends

  • Build into budget

  • Enjoy journey


—> If I had to choose just 3

1) Be real

2) Structure ahead

3) Focus on culture