ChurchSuite (replacing Elvanto) is Redeemer’s Church Management System (ChMS) which allows us to store your details securely, take booking, organise rotas, plan services and more. This page is a brief introduction and explanation of how to being your ChurchSuite adventure!

I want to dive straight in, how do I access ChurchSuite?

Click one of the buttons below to go straight there, install the mobile app, or read the information below to find out more. You can also link straight to ChurchSuite via the MY CHURCH red button at the. bottom of every page of our website, or remember the link which is redeemercolchester.churchsuite.com.



STEP 1 - We send you an EMAIL invitation

Read the email and click on the link.

If it says we hold certain information about you that is because you have filled in a Welcome Card, were part of our previous database or contacted us in some other way.


Follow the instructions and setup your password

Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 12.11.05.png


You will now have access to ‘My ChurchSuite’ which has a menu on the left (it will look different on the app) with things like; Home | My Communications | My Details | My Events | My Giving….

Some key actions;

  • UPDATE YOUR DETAILS if any are not correct

  • Select your PRIVACY SETTINGS (My Details—Privacy Tab)

  • Select your COMMUNICATIONS PREFERENCES (My Details—Communications Tab). As we have changed databases, it may take us some time to ensure all the systems we use have updated preferences.

  • Please SIGN A GIFT AID DECLARATION in ‘My Giving’ if you are a tax payer and give to Redeemer. This will centralise all our records. You can give through ChurchSuite but this is NOT the best way as it incurs charges. Directly through your bank is best - see redeemerchurchcolchester.org/give for more details. However please DO sign a Gift Aid declaration here if appropriate.

* Click on images to enlarge and guide you.

*Ensure to click ‘Save Changes’



Can I see the information held about me on ChurchSuite?

Yes, this is through a facility named My ChurchSuite which you can access on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. MyChurchSuite is an ideal way for church members to stay connected to one another and stay up to date on all that’s going on in the life of your church. Through MyChurchSuite, church members are able to update and manage their details, sign-up for events, join small groups, keep on top of the rotas they’re serving on and much more! Changes in their individual contact details, or errors, can be corrected by members through MyChurchSuite

Can I ask for my details to remain confidential?

Yes, of course. All details are held as confidential until members allow their contact details to be available for other church members to search and view through the ‘search for others’ function in MyChurchSuite. Only the contact details that people will see are those that you want people to see.

How confidential are my personal details?

ChurchSuite are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. Church members may access their own individual details but have the option of making their address and contact details (email and telephone) available to other members. Group leaders can distribute information and meeting details to their group members from within MyChurchSuite without having to set up distribution lists in their personal email. Replies will come to the group member’s personal email in the usual way. Emails sent from ChurchSuite to groups only show an individual recipient’s email address, ensuring that emails are fully compliant with best practice in data protection. The rotas recorded on ChurchSuite can only be seen by other members on that rota. A small number of church officers are designated administrators for ChurchSuite and therefore have wider-access to personal data on the main database.