RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT (Free) - Online Church Membership Management



Keeping records and contact details of church members is essential. Being able to create custom lists by category is great. Being able to create Work Flows (custom made steps in a process that you can work through and leave notes in) is AMAZING! PCO Online lets you do all that....FREE...FOREVER!

Planning Centre Online is a collection of APPS - the PEOPLE app, the SERVICES app, the GIVING app...the CHECK-IN app...and more! As a church planter I am always looking for FREE resources. PCO does charge for the apps when they are used beyond a minimum (e.g. 5 person entry)...EXCEPT FOR THE PEOPLE APP - that is UNLIMITED and ALWAYS FREE - or FREE FOREVER as they say! Check them out at  

Some highlights of the PEOPLE APP are;

  • FREE Church Membership DATABASE
  • The ability to create custom data fields 
  • The ability to make lists by filter
  • The ability to create workflows
  • It's easy snyc with MailChimp
  • You can create Households

Some highlights of the other apps;

  • The Check-Ins app is free for something like 5 Check-ins...BUT YOU CAN CREATE AND USE Custom HEADCOUNTS for keeping record of attendance. Again - FREE and you can create reports.
  • The Services app lets you create Services and Running orders and share with your team...they can then add songs/media and if you really want to your whole worship team can add stuff and from there use an add-on app called Music-Stand (cost involved).

There is a lot more you can do! I think I would favour all these apps but as the paid ones are monthly subscriptions it can add up!