a MUST for churches

I often get asked 'how do you do such good graphics?' Now I know that is subjective and many don't think that! However I have found CANVA.COM to be the best and easiest tool to create graphics that are modern/cool/striking/nice (!) and I am not a tech/design guru! is TOTALLY FREE...And...non-profits (churches) can upgrade to Canva for Business guessed it...FREE! Some highlights are;

  • You can copy already made templates and change the text - including what kind of text, size and style. Just choose a design you like and make it your own. Some images you pay for but many you don't - in a future post I will signpost the websites I go to for LICENSE FREE images.
  • You can upload your own graphics/pictures/logos
  • There are free Icons, sketches in a while variety of categories.
  • In the free (for non-profits) version you can set your BRAND colours and style - and then Canva does the work for you!
  • You can choose template sizes for every social media platform you can think of (I think!)


There is a LOT more you can do - check it out and make great use of it. THANK YOU CANVA! Check out some of the things I've made up;