ONE THING - Sermon Series Lookback

At Redeemer we kicked off the academic year with a sermon series titled 'One Thing' - based on 5 significant 'One Thing' statements in the Bible. The topics were;

1. One Thing You Lack

  • said by Jesus to the Rich young Ruler in Mark 10:21

  • addressed the question of what is hindering you from being fully devoted to Jesus

2. One Thing Is Necessary

  • said by Jesus to Martha in Luke 10:41-42

  • addressing the issue of priorities, particularly in relation to time, and what robs us of giving that to God

3. One Thing I Know

  • said by a man healed of blindness in response to questions about who healed him  John 9:25

  • addressing the need, above all other answers we might have, to have met and encountered Jesus for ourselves.

4. One Thing I Ask - said by David

  • said by King David in the midst of much suffering, in Psalm 27:4
  • addressing the key thing needed to navigate the rough seas of life

5. One Thing I Do - said by Paul

  • said by Paul in relation to his past and future, in Phil 3:13-14
  • addressing how we relate to our past and what to aim for in the future

It was a great series for the start of a new season as it addressed our priorities, motivations and what was hindering both of those being Godward. Click on the images above to go to each of the sermons.