SERVING BEYOND: Alex Maynard - Malaga, Spain


At the core of what Redeemer is about is that we are ALL ‘SENT ONES’ - the reason Jesus has not taken us to glory is that we GO to those who do not yet know him so that they to can one day join him and us in glory! We love to invest in and celebrate what God is doing ‘beyond’ us through our members.

Alex Maynard

Alex is a member of Redeemer and is in the midst of his ‘ID’ internship year with the church having graduated from the University of Essex in 2018.

Hi I’m Alex, the ID intern student at Redeemer Church Colchester. On 23rd April, by the generous investment from friends at RCC and beyond, I flew out to Malaga for mission. The trip was alongside the rest of the ID team and we were supporting the local church in their outreach activities. (Find out more about the church plant on their FACEBOOK GROUP or BLOG.

The six days there were built so that we would be equipped to go out and share our faith with the local residents of Malaga. We had fantastic teaching from David Bareham on how we could share our faith as well as how to disciple others to do the same, alongside very refreshing morning devotionals with Joe Ogborn.

With our minds set on pursuing Jesus in this way, we spent our days going to a ‘Spanglish’ speaking café, where we got to chat to locals as a group and offer prayer as well as share the gospel; we went to a local soup kitchen (but really it was more of a sandwich kitchen) where we could serve the community; we supported the church in running a spiritual café in a local bar; and on the final day we went out on the promenade and brought the message of Jesus to the locals who were out and about!

A mountain we climbed on one of the afternoons

A mountain we climbed on one of the afternoons

This time has been major for me. God has shown me His heart for His church. I’ve been more deeply shown the love Jesus has for His bride, and I believe my heart has been softened even more to love the people of God all over the world. Along with that, God has just as strongly broken my heart for the lost. The people who don’t know Jesus mean as much to Him as the people who do.

Moving forwards, I desire to disciple others in a way that will equip us to be a community on mission- to be those who seek to save the lost in all places in their lives from the workplace, to the university, to the home, to the streets. With my heart being broken for the church, I realise this is so much more than an individual mission we are all on, instead, it’s completely a team mission! We can work together, sharing the joys and the challenges, spurring on each other’s faith in both highs and lows. I’m excited to see more people come to Christ, and even though I’m just one person, I can play my part in the much bigger plan that Jesus has for His people.

The ID Malaga Team

The ID Malaga Team