Alex Maynard - ID REVIEW

Alex Maynard

Alex is a member of Redeemer and is at the end of his ‘ID’ internship year with the church. He is moving to London in September to continue his studies in Law.

Hi, my name is Alex and I have been the intern on this year’s ID intake at Redeemer Church Colchester. The year is organised into four sections in order to develop people into intentional disciples of Christ. These consist of study, placement, training weeks, and a mission trip to Spain. As you will read, the year has been a time of growth and development in my relationship with God.


One of the components that the course offers is a monthly study plan. The plan aims to address all of the parts of the life of a believer. My favourite study personally was on the Trinity. This is a topic that I have always had an interest in and so it was good to go into more detail on what the Bible says about it.


Working with Redeemer has taught me perseverance, relationship skills, and the workings of a church plant. I have been placed here as a student outreach intern. This means that I have been meeting weekly with students alongside other administrative duties. This has been an amazing opportunity to develop pastoral and interpersonal skills that I will be grateful for as I move into work in the future.

Training weeks

Four out of five of the training weeks were based in a beautiful chapel in Loose, Kent. For the fourth week, we stayed at Centre Parcs! (The rapids were amazing!) It was here that we would come together as a wider group of interns and we would be taught daily by leaders in Relational Mission. The course has provided great teaching from people all throughout Relational Mission which has been invaluable.

Mission trip

The last component of the course is a week away in another nation to serve the mission of God in a local church - for us, this was based in Malaga, Spain. This was a great time to experience evangelistic opportunities as a group. In the mornings, we were provided with teaching, followed by putting those lessons into action. This was a significant time for me to learn about the breadth of the church globally.

To conclude, I’m thankful for this year. Despite challenges and questions along the way, God has been faithful to me and that lesson can never leave me. To those planning to go to University or begin a career, participating in ID is something I recommend you to think about. You will explore your relationship with God and develop an understanding of your gifts and how they can be used throughout the rest of your life. OVER ‘N’ OUT!

The ID Mission Trip

The ID Mission Trip